About me

Here you’ll find posts on a variety of topics from me, Jevgeni Kabanov. I am the CPO & President of Bolt, the leading urban mobility company in Europe and Africa. In this role I’m responsible for multiple business units and functions.

I’m an active angel investor looking for 10K-100K tickets in consumer space, B2B SaaS, hardware, deeptech, medtech and other big markets if the founding team is amazing. I’ve done 10+ investments including Montonio, Postoplan and Katana.

Previously, I created JRebel and co-founded ZeroTurnaround in 2007. Hired clever folk and together we scaled the company to 200+ employees and tens of millions in revenue. In 2017 we sold ZeroTurnaround to Rogue Wave Software. 

Long ago I was a software engineer, contributed to open source projects and started a few of my own. I was also a scientist, publishing multiple academic papers including my PhD thesis and co-authoring several patents.

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Thoughts about technology, entrepreneurship, product management and design from Jevgeni Kabanov, President of Bolt and ex-CEO of ZeroTurnaround.


Jevgeni Kabanov

Husband, Dad, CPO at Bolt, Founder & Ex-CEO of ZeroTurnaround, PhD.